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Help the UNESCO Archives enrich its exceptional photo collection! We’re transcribing information from 5,000 photos of our historic collection. It’s a big job, so we need your help!

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Monica J.

Monica J.

New keyword to the dropdown list


I can't add a new keyword to the dropdown list. I have only the option to choose an exiting keyword. Example: I didn't find words in the list that describe manual jobs like: tanner or coppersmiths, souk... 

Thank you and what to do in this situation?

  • Linda Popik

    Linda Popik

    Bonjour, j'ai le même souci. À l'étape 5, je ne peux pas ajouter de nouveaux mots clés. 

  • Maëva Nguyen_admin

    Maëva Nguyen_admin

    Hello Monica and Linda,


    You cannot add you own keywords through this list because it's UNESCO thesaurus (description keywords standardised by UNESCO). If you want, you can add free keywords in "Description" field. 


    Example : #tanner #coppersmith #souk