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Pauno Soirila

Pauno Soirila


If my photo has location information such as "France - Paris - Maison de l'Unesco", should I still enter only the city in the location field (i.e. set country as "France" and city/location as "Paris") or should I also enter the more specific location in the field? (I.e., in this case, Unesco House - as in "Paris - Unesco House")

I looked at the instructions but it didn't really specify. The field title itself asks for "city" but then the description speaks of "city, region and/or location"



  • Maëva Nguyen_admin

    Maëva Nguyen_admin

    Hello Pauno,

    Thank you for your message.

    You can enter "Paris" as the city and "Maison de l'UNESCO" in your caption or description.


  • Pauno Soirila

    Pauno Soirila

    Great, thank you!

    And really sorry that I have done this wrong a few times, then (as I wanted to keep going with new entries)! I hope it's not too much trouble.