UNESCO: Put a World of Pictures into Words

Help the UNESCO Archives enrich its exceptional photo collection! We’re transcribing information from 5,000 photos of our historic collection. It’s a big job, so we need your help!

Current status

  • 5,053 scans
  • 207 participants

  • 2,175
    • 0.2% Unusable
    • 43% Entered
    • 35% Validated data
    Entered 43.2%
  • 1,771
    • 0.2% Unusable
    • 43% Entered
    • 35% Validated data
    Validated data 35.2%
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Adam Cowling_admin

Adam Cowling_admin

Don't forget to download the Data Entry Instructions

Downloading the Data Entry Instructions will help you know the ins and outs of the transcription process.

  • Sébastien Robillard

    Sébastien Robillard



    There is an inversion in the document between french and english caption.



  • Maëva Nguyen_admin

    Maëva Nguyen_admin

    Updated at: 

    Hi Sébastien,


    Thank you for your feedback, we will correct the document as soon as possible.

  • Adam Cowling_admin

    Adam Cowling_admin

    V2 on the data entry instructions is now available for download. V2 includes the correction to the Annex as brought to our attention by participant Sébastien Robillard, as well as a tip under the section on the description field concerning data entry language. Thanks Sébastien!